GB® Chain Breaker 3/4" GBCB-3/4-100

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Chain Repair Tool compatible with 3/4" Harvester Chain.


  • 180˚ spin on base plate to break opposite side of chain.
  • Anvil locates the center of the rivet for a perfect break.

Included with Part #GBCB-3/4-100:

3/4" Breaker Assembly
Handle GBCA-104A
Handle Extension GBCA-104B

Plastic Bag Including:

  • Hex Wrench 3mm GBCA-106
3/4" Anvil GBCB-3/4-101
1 x 3/4" Punch GBCB-3/4-102



 GB® Chain Repair Tool Brochure
GB® Chain Spinner Information & Replacement Parts PDF
GB® Chain Breaker 3/4" Information & Replacement Parts PDF