Orbit Saw Chain

Manufactured from high quality alloy steel, the 404 micro radius semi chisel cutters on Orbit™ Saw Chain increase cutting speed while providing wear resistance. The increased kerf width and multi-layered chrome plating provide advanced cutting efficiency and durability. Orbit™ Saw Chain is designed for precise cutting and low vibration. All Orbit™ saw chains are manufactured with advanced heat treatment and a hard chrome finish on the cutters. Remember, the safest saw chain is a sharp chain. The sharpest chain is a new saw chain. As your saw chain wears, we highly recommend either replacing the saw chain or maintaining it by keeping it sharp.

Orbit's 3/8 full chisel chain has a square cutter edge. It is designed to cut faster, and reduce cutting friction for a smooth clean cut. It has a specially designed channel in each drive link that picks up oil from the bar and distributes it to the rivets, reducing friction and increasing saw chain life.

The Orbit 3/4 pitch saw chain will have micro radius semi-chisel cutters and increase kerf width similar to the .404 pitch chain. Engineered for maximum performance and fast cutting speed. Orbit saw chain is manufactured with enhanced multi-layered chrome plating, providing excellent durability and wear resistance.