BABAC® Skidder Chains

BABAC® skidder chains are 100% American made and hand assembled for optimum quality control right here in Winslow, Maine.

Since 1986, BABAC® has been an industry leader in design and development of forestry tire chains, offering a full line of standard tire chain patterns for skidders, forwarders, and harvesters. BABAC® skidder chain models include single and multiple Diamond™ net type (with and without U-Form® studs), and standard and Multi® Ring models (in single or multiple wide patterns).

At BABAC® we understand design and continue to introduce quality, innovative products to the market. We specialize in designing and building tire chains for custom applications and odd tire sizes, utilizing our in-house computer-aided design capabilities.


BABAC® skidder chains are built from 10B21 Through Hardened Boron Alloy steel, with a uniform hardness and tensile strength throughout. Extensive tests and field experience have shown that BABAC® skidder chains wear longer, more uniformly, and without breakage associated with case hardened products. 

Sold in pairs. Free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. Excludes Lift gate service if necessary. Extra fees may apply.

Please note: These chains are made to order. Shipping time after receipt of order will vary depending upon the time of year. Please call 1-833-695-1237 for current delivery information.