Choker Chain System

WA1® square link, a grade 100 equivalent in strength, is embossed every 5th link for easy identification. Square design allows for better grip on tree butt. Attached Loggerhook. Not approved for overhead lifting.

WA2 round link with attached Logger hook, a grade 100 equivalent in strength, is embossed every 6th link for easy identification.WA2 is suitable for overhead lifting.

Conventional style choker hook utilizing a hex head bolt for easy connection to chain. No special tools required. Large inside width allows for easy chain movement. Slotted tip helps prevent unhooking. This hook accepts 3/8” chain. Grade 100

The Logger hook chain hook is lighter than most conventional hooks but carries the same working load limit as its larger counterparts. Features include a locking pin rather than a bolt for uniform wear. This hook will accept 3/8” and 5/16” chains. Large inside width allows easy chain movement. Narrow slotted tip helps to prevent unhooking.

A genuine Wallingford's Inc. product.