Mainline Slides

Mainline Slides - Produced by Esco & Wallingford's Inc.

The original ESCO hook for faster choker setting and skidding. Chokers are positively locked with an exclusive “screwy” rope slot, yet can be easily removed with a simple twist action.

Sleeve type hook features a smaller sliding slot to hold against the end ferrule on the winch line, the ring type hooks collect behind.

Ring Type:  The most popular sliding winch line hook on today’s market, the ring-type hook. The ring-type hook offers the same design as our sleeve-type except it has a larger winch line slot to slide easily over large kinks in the winch line.  

The Twitch hook features a different locking concept to add or remove chokers. Similar to the ring-type hooks with an extra large opening to slide easily along the winch line. Simply insert the rope through the key slot and pull the ferrule downward into the pocket. A roll pin prevents loss of chokers. Accepts both long and short ferrules.