Wallingford's premium logging supplies that work as hard as you do. 

Logging today demands premium logging supplies to get the job done! After listening to loggers for over 30 years explain what they need for supplies, this selection was the result.

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Grade 100 chain sets the bar. Square link and round link 3/8" Choker chain with 35,000 lb breaking strength chain coupled with an alloy bolt type or pin type choker hook. These chains won't relax their grip until you get to the landing.


The original ESCO hook for faster choker setting and skidding. Chokers are positively locked with an exclusive “screwy” rope slot, yet can be easily removed with a simple twist action. The sleeve type hook features a smaller sliding slot to hold against the end ferrule on the winch line, the ring type hooks collect behind.
Wallingford's Inc. Premium Golden Bell® Logging Chokers are proudly crafted by hand in New Hampton, NH. Each choker is hand assembled and random pull testing is done for added assurance against button pull-offs. Two button, Double button, New England style cable chokers are made to order. Various lengths available for your required need
For the professional and those who want to be
GB®’s premium professional chainsaw bar is designed to out-perform all other products on the market. We at GB® are proud of our complete range of bars, but this is the best of the best. All our years of experience and advanced technology have been included in the manufacturing process to ensure this bar is the strongest in the world. GB® consistently endeavors to be in the forefront of the market by using the latest and best quality materials available. GB®’s quality control team inspects every bar to guarantee that you will receive a bar that meets or exceeds GB®’s very high expectations.

Features and Benefits of GB Chainsaw Bars:

  • One-piece Titanium alloy steel body 
  • Laser-cut for precision shape and fit 
  • Precision-ground grooves 
  • Hardest wearing rails in the world 
  • Increased flexibility in the bar body 
  • Easy nose replacement 
  • Nose side plates made of hardened Titanium alloy steel 
  • During hardening, the nose side plates are injected with Carbon Nitride, which guarantees that Pro-Top™ is the hardest-wearing replaceable sprocket nose in the world 
  • Nose self-locks over a solid steel web on the bar body, held firmly together by three high-tensile rivets Super-tough, high-tech alloy sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings


Wallingford's professional mainline cables get the job done! 6x26 IWRC EEIPS Premium Swaged mainline cables are produced by reducing the diameter of a regular round rope by compacting it. Swaging provides additional stability to the rope shape and creates surface-to-surface contact between element wires. By packing more steel into a smaller diameter, the swaging process produces a superior strength to diameter ratio and a breaking strength that is up to 23% higher than traditional general purpose mainline. Premium Swage Wire Rope mainline also feature less porcupining and greater resistance to abrasive wear. Other attributes include easier mainline ring slide movement, increased safety, greater drum capacity and longer mainline life, making it the best long term value for your money. Available in 50' to 400' lengths with end ferrule.