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ICC Premium Industrial Supplies that work as hard as you do.  Transport chain, Tow chain, bulk chain, G70 hooks, ratchet binders, and lever binders.  Bulk and cut lengths of chain available.  Buy your Industrial chain and Industrial supplies direct and save.

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ICC® Industrial Chain

North America Supply offer a variety of chain sizes, in grade 30, 43, and grade 70 chain, also hooks for use in a variety of industrial and transportation applications. Branded ICC. All chain is embossed with the ICC logo, every 12 links.
    • Grade 30 Proof coil Self Colored Chain has a self-colored that means no finish, plain steel. A general-purpose chain for all ordinary applications.
    • Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain is resistant to corrosion. Hot dipped galvanized chain. Suitable for marine environments.
    • Grade 43 High Test Chain is a higher strength carbon steel.  Zinc platted. Can be used in the following applications: Lumbering, Construction, Binding and Load securement.
    • Grade 70 Transport Chain with a Yellow Dichromate finish. Primarily used for load binding in the transport industry. It can be also used on farms, lumbering, towing, and construction.

    ICC® Hooks

    Grade 43 Grab & Slip Hooks are hot forged, heat treated and tempered hooks attach directly to welded chain. They have a clear protective finish to resist rust and for cleaner handling. Made for use on all high-test grade 43 chain.

    • Grade 70 Grab & Slip Hooks designed specifically for grade 70 transport chain, with matching working load limits. Higher strength to weight ratios than grade 43.

    • Grade 70 Weld Hooks on grab hooks can be welded onto farm buckets, loaders, and skid steers.

    ICC® Load Binders

    All binders are factory tested for dependability.

      • Ratchet Load Binders are turnbuckle style ratchet binders that offer an all steel construction, drop forged steel components. Made to bind difficult loads.

        • Lever Load Binders are designed to prevent the clevis from spreading from the handle of the binder. Manufactured for long hauls.

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          ICC® commercial grade shackles are an economical choice for a variety of applications.

          BABAC® Black™ Pin Load Rated Shackles feature oversized threaded pins and easy-to-read sizes with working load limits (in tons) on each piece.

          ICC® Wire Rope

          General Purpose Wire Rope is commonly used for winch lines, but other applications in which it’s used include Industrial, Agricultural, Marine and Consumer.

          North America Supply offers a complete line of wire ropes and wire rope assemblies.

          Aircraft Galvanized wire rope has a wide variety of uses. Wire is coated to protect against corrosion.

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