Track Accessories

-Tracks have a much larger contact area with the ground compared to forestry chains   which enhances the stability of the machine with greater loads.

-Regardless on what ground you use the work machine, the GreenTrack tracks provide  good traction and greater force transmission.

-GreenTrack tracks prolong the life of the tires no matter what ground you use the work   machine.

Veriga’s link system comes with a 26 or 30mm pin size with an oblong design that reduces surface wear and extends service life, as well as a twist inhibiting side rail. Veriga GreenTRACK plates utilize a rolled profile, not castings, ensuring even and adequate hardness throughout the entire profile constructed from a boron alloy steel.

Comes with. 2 assembly hooks 16 (8 short and 8 long) assembly elements fitted with screws and nuts.

Mounting Tool NOT included.

Sold in pairs

Free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. Excludes Lift gate service if necessary. Extra fees may apply.